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Introducing the new EXO Wiped Conductivity & Temperature Sensor!

In long-term water quality monitoring, biofouling is public enemy number one. Most conductivity cells cannot be fully cleaned by mechanical anti-fouling wipers, but the EXO Wiped (C/T) probe was purpose-built to protect your conductivity data.

The EVOLUTION of Water Quality

Over the past several decades, water quality monitoring technology has rapidly evolved to meet the needs of regulatory agencies, universities, environmental consultants, and municipalities. YSI recently released a new eBook that documents the ever changing story of water quality monitoring and how we fit into the world of environmental stewardship.

Annual Sonde Maintenance Program

Inspect, protect and revitalize your equipment with the annual YSI Sonde Maintenance Special.
• Longer life expectancy for your monitoring equipment
• Less downtime and missed data in the field
• Ensure the highest quality data for another season

EXO University | On-demand Training

You're invited to our on-demand training program for water quality sondes. Visit exo-university.com to put yourself on the path of becoming an EXO expert.

Are You Ready to Make the Switch to EXO?

If you need your water quality equipment to work overtime, all the time, then consider making the switch to EXO. View video to hear what others are saying about the new EXO platform.

A smart, field-ready water monitoring platform

EXO offers a wide range of capabilities to those dedicated to monitoring natural aquatic environments.

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