[eBook] Global Explorers: Navigating Climate Data

No single topic touches as many aspects of the YSI business as climate science. In this eBook we celebrate the people behind the instruments, who are collecting the streams of data, that provide us with a snapshot of the health of our planet.

Town of Barnesville, Ohio leverages EXO communication adapter and Storm 3 data logger to monitor drinking water quality.

Recently, YSI employees Kyle Kaminski and Brent Register visited the Town of Barnesville, Ohio to assist them at their drinking water treatment plant.

EXO Sonde: Optical Dissolved Oxygen Sensor Cap Replacement | YSI

Patrick Beatty, YSI, shows you the simple process required for replacing your optical DO sensor cap, along with how to add the calibration coefficients in KOR software.

EXO Sondes: How often should I calibrate my sonde? | YSI

Tim Finegan, YSI, answers the most common question he has heard in his 13 years at YSI: “How often should I calibrate my sonde?” Water quality sondes provide valuable data and this data is only as good as the calibration.  

EXO Sondes: Replacing the Sensor Module, pH and pH/ORP | YSI

Brandon Smith, YSI, demonstrates the step-by-step process for successfully replacing the sensor module on a pH and pH/ORP probe for the EXO water quality sonde products.  

Saving Time with Real-Time Data

For most scientists, measuring quality data is a significant and time consuming part of research. That is where the Louisiana Universities Marine Consortium (LUMCON) comes in…

Application Story: EXO2 Monitors Climate and Water Quality Dynamics in Agro-Ecosystems

In eastern Iowa, agriculture is the predominant land use, with upwards of 90% of the land surface dedicated to production. Multiple ongoing studies at the University of Iowa are focused on the interaction of the agricultural system with climate dynamics to produce both water quality and quantity responses.

A Little Biofouling Can Go a Long Way—to Screwing Up Your Data

Biofouling. The bane of existence for many monitoring programs. Even a little spot of the stuff on water quality sensor optics can affect your data. Case in point: Individual wipers on each of these sensors (photo below) are doing a pretty good job at cleaning the sensor optics. But notice the small ring of soft […]

Partnership Develops System to Optimize Drinking Water Networks

Xylem Inc. and Visenti Pte Ltd. have formed a joint partnership to optimize water networks by using energy-efficient technology and smart sensing platforms. These technologies will reduce energy consumption, maximize water quality and ensure optimal network conditions around Singapore’s drinking water infrastructure. The rapid growth in cities around the world creates significant challenges to water […]

fDOM Profiles Probe Color Change in Drinking Water Reservoir

Recently, James Chen, an application specialist from Xylem Analytics China, collected and shared water quality data from a reservoir in Xi’an, a western city in China in the Weihe River Basin area. During the wet season, water in the reservoir appears to change color with the influx of river water at one end of the […]