KOR Software: An EXO Deployment Walkthrough

How to use KOR software menus to deploy an EXO sonde for continuous unattended monitoring, and how to set up deployment templates for your monitoring program.

KOR Software: Connecting to EXO Sonde via Bluetooth

How to connect to KOR software via Bluetooth wireless communications – both automatically and manually – with the EXO water quality platform.

KOR Software: An EXO Sensor Calibration Walkthrough

How to use the streamlined sensor calibration menus in KOR software for the EXO water quality platform. Video highlights a demonstration of an EXO optical dissolved oxygen sensor calibration.

Streamlined Calibration Process Saves Time and Money

How can I streamline my sensor calibration process with the EXO platform? Calibration of water quality sensors is easier with both the EXO hardware and its KOR software program. Hardware-wise, the EXO sensors are “smart” sensors. By this we mean that sensor diagnostics, metadata and calibration data are stored inside the sensors rather than the […]