Town of Barnesville, Ohio leverages EXO communication adapter and Storm 3 data logger to monitor drinking water quality.

Recently, YSI employees Kyle Kaminski and Brent Register visited the Town of Barnesville, Ohio to assist them at their drinking water treatment plant.

EXO and Storm3: Real time public data made easy.

A combination of the EXO platform and Waterlog Storm3 data-logger have been deployed in unison at various sites around Georgetown, South Carolina.

A Site for Science: Water Instrumentation Provides Insight for Ecological Research

Multiple scientific studies have been conducted on the water, organisms and food webs in Calder Lake over the past 50 years. Calder Lake, a natural 10-acre mesotrophic lake, is located on the property of the Louis Calder Center, a biological field station of Fordham University in New York. To further its research, the Louis Calder […]