Best Practices for QA/QC for EXO Conductivity/Temperature sensors.

Below are a few checks you may want to include these in your organization’s standard operating procedures to ensure the highest data quality. While these steps focus on a conductivity/temperature probe, there are also many other sensor checks that can be used as part of a QA/QC process. We’ll make EXO University ( available for […]

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Reduce Calibration Standard Use with EXO Concurrent Sensor Calibration

In this video you will discover one of the many smart features of the EXO advanced water quality monitoring platform, designed to save you money and time. When you calibrate water quality sensors, you can now put together several of the same-parameter sensors on the same sonde at the same time, thus saving the amount […]

Streamlined Calibration Process Saves Time and Money

How can I streamline my sensor calibration process with the EXO platform? Calibration of water quality sensors is easier with both the EXO hardware and its KOR software program. Hardware-wise, the EXO sensors are “smart” sensors. By this we mean that sensor diagnostics, metadata and calibration data are stored inside the sensors rather than the […]