EXO GO Wireless Communication Device EXO3 Multiparameter Sonde EXO2s Customized Sonde The enhanced interface for EXO [eBook] Global Explorers: Navigating Climate Data

EXO GO Wireless Communication Device

Sample and deploy anywhere,
utilizing the full power of KorEXO Software!

EXO GO is a wireless communication device that interfaces with EXO Sondes using any Windows OS tablet or PC for sampling and monitoring applications.

EXO3 Multiparameter Sonde

The parameters you need, without the features you don’t!

Offering the greatest value of any sonde available on the market, EXO3 combines the maneuverability of the EXO1 with the powerful antifouling wiper of the EXO2.

EXO3 is a purpose-built sonde for monitoring major water quality parameters, including: pH, conductivity, temperature, turbidity, and dissolved oxygen.

EXO2s Customized Sonde

The more maneuverable monitoring platform.

We have heard from customers who need the payload and capabilities of YSI’s best-in-class EXO2 sonde, but in spaces and places that can’t accommodate the EXO2. EXO2s is a customized, batteryless sonde that comes with the same warranty and capabilities as the EXO2, and is ideal for specialized applications.

The enhanced interface for EXO

In water quality monitoring, instruments must hold up to harsh conditions. Rain or shine, sleet or snow, your equipment needs to keep up with you. Introducing the updated EXO Handheld from YSI, designed and engineered as a dedicated interface to EXO sondes. Log real-time data, calibrate sensors, set-up sondes for deployment, and transfer water quality data to a PC with this feature packed device.

[eBook] Global Explorers: Navigating Climate Data

No single topic touches as many aspects of the YSI business as climate science. The instruments we build are used in every environment on Earth—on glaciers and pack ice, in the tropics, in springs, rivers, lakes, estuaries and oceans. In this free eBook, learn how the vast streams of data these instruments collect provide us with a snapshot of the health of our planet.

A Study of New Hampshire Ecosystems and Society uses fDOM to Monitor Water Quality

A network of aquatic monitors in New Hampshire tracks the complex interaction between how land is being used and climate over time—creating opportunities to address upcoming challenges to the ecosystem.   NH EPSCoR (funded by the National Science Foundation and partnered with more than seven NH academic institutions) is using 10 EXO2 sondes from YSI (a […]

Field Tests Show Strong Agreement Between EXO and 6-Series Time-Series Data in South Carolina Estuary

In March 2012, YSI (a Xylem brand) released its next-generation water quality sonde, the EXO2, which represents a number of advances in sensor and anti-fouling technology. To ensure that a transition to the EXO2 would not introduce discontinuities into long-term data sets established with existing YSI 6-Series sondes, a field comparison of the two sonde […]

Streamlined Calibration Process Saves Time and Money

How can I streamline my sensor calibration process with the EXO platform? Calibration of water quality sensors is easier with both the EXO hardware and its KOR software program. Hardware-wise, the EXO sensors are “smart” sensors. By this we mean that sensor diagnostics, metadata and calibration data are stored inside the sensors rather than the […]

The Next Generation of CTDs Just Got Smaller, Smarter and Tougher

CTDs are the core sensors for oceanographic measurements, providing information on water quality, water density, and speed of sound. Many CTDs are designed to operate in specific applications such as vertical profiling or long-term monitoring and include capabilities such as data logging, high-speed sampling, antifouling systems and additional sensor inputs. Although such systems can offer […]

Introducing EXO: State-of-the-Art Water Monitoring Platform

EXO, a state-of-the-art water quality monitoring platform, is designed to address the many challenges of collecting accurate field data in the natural environment. In this video you will learn about the EXO sondes and EXO’s innovative features, including: Universal smart sensors Expansive and high-performance sensor suite Extremely ruggedized design for deeper depths and longer deployments […]

User Feedback Helps EXO Win New Product of the Year

After a successful launch in March, YSI’s EXO advanced water quality platform has been recognized as Environmental Protection’s New Product of the Year in the Water category. 10 companies, including YSI, have won first-place awards in the 2012 Environmental Protection New Product of the Year contest. The contest attracted a record number of entries in […]

YSI’s New EXO Sondes Selected to Monitor Key Water Quality Interactions

Critical water sources up and down the Atlantic seaboard are now monitored and protected with some of the first EXO water quality instruments. YSI Inc. shipped and installed the new EXO sondes to customers at the New York City Department of Environmental Protection (NYC DEP), the University of New Hampshire, and Charlotte-Mecklenburg Storm Water Services, […]

Sponges in Coral Reef Measured by EXO2 Sonde

Already the source of components for two cancer drugs, sponges are one of our best chances to find the cure for cancer, heart disease and other human ailments. And they filter all the water flowing over a coral reef every couple of days. Armed with an EXO2 water quality sonde—equipped with dissolved oxygen, salinity, pH, […]

Unique Design of EXO Total Algae Sensor Combines Chlorophyll and Blue-green Algae for Greater Accuracy

Q: How is the EXO total algae sensor design different? A: The EXO total algae sensor combines a Chlorophyll sensor and Blue-green algae Phycocyanin (BGA-PC) sensor into one submersible dual-channel fluorescence sensor. The unique combination is highly accurate while also “saving space” on the EXO water quality instrument by using one sensor port instead of […]

How Is the EXO Turbidity Sensor Design Different?

Q: How is the EXO turbidity sensor design different? A: The EXO turbidity sensor measures a wide range of 0 to 4000 FNU for high-turbidity applications. The sensor’s patent-pending compact design includes a single infrared emitter (LED), single detector and uniquely designed optics in a space no larger than 13 mm in diameter. The EXO […]