EXO Sondes: Smart Ports – Smart Sensors | YSI

In this demonstration, Tim Finegan (YSI Director of Environmental Monitoring) demonstrates the smart sensor technology of the EXO water quality sondes.  

Are You Ready to Make the Switch to EXO?

If you need your water quality equipment to work overtime, all the time, then consider making the switch to EXO. In this video you will hear what others are saying about the new EXO advanced water quality monitoring platform. EXO provides 90+ days of continuous monitoring, time-saving calibration processes, auto-recognition of sensors, industry-leading anti-fouling components, […]

Reduce Calibration Standard Use with EXO Concurrent Sensor Calibration

In this video you will discover one of the many smart features of the EXO advanced water quality monitoring platform, designed to save you money and time. When you calibrate water quality sensors, you can now put together several of the same-parameter sensors on the same sonde at the same time, thus saving the amount […]

Replaceable Reagent Module Reduces Total Cost of Ownership of EXO Sensors

EXO pH, pH/ORP,¬†ammonium, nitrate and chloride sensors have a unique design that incorporates a user-replaceable sensor tip (module) and a reusable sensor base that houses the processing electronics, memory, and wet-mate connector. This allows users to reduce the costs associated with these sensors by only replacing the relatively inexpensive module periodically and not the more […]

KOR Software: An EXO Deployment Walkthrough

How to use KOR software menus to deploy an EXO sonde for continuous unattended monitoring, and how to set up deployment templates for your monitoring program.

KOR Software: Connecting to EXO Sonde via Bluetooth

How to connect to KOR software via Bluetooth wireless communications – both automatically and manually – with the EXO water quality platform.

KOR Software: An EXO Sensor Calibration Walkthrough

How to use the streamlined sensor calibration menus in KOR software for the EXO water quality platform. Video highlights a demonstration of an EXO optical dissolved oxygen sensor calibration.

Introducing EXO: State-of-the-Art Water Monitoring Platform

EXO, a state-of-the-art water quality monitoring platform, is designed to address the many challenges of collecting accurate field data in the natural environment. In this video you will learn about the EXO sondes and EXO’s innovative features, including: Universal smart sensors Expansive and high-performance sensor suite Extremely ruggedized design for deeper depths and longer deployments […]