The Endangered Pupfish – Water Quality Monitoring and EXO.

The Devils Hole Pupfish, one of the first listed species to the Endangered Species Preservation Act in 1967, reached an all-time low of 35 observable fish in the spring of 2013. Increased preservation efforts aim to turn this trend around, supported by the EXO Water Quality Monitoring platform.

Fabien Cousteau TED Talk. 31 days of underwater adventure & science with the EXO Sonde.

In this delightful and informative TED Talk, Fabien Cousteau, grandson of the world-famous Jacques Cousteau, speaks on breaking his fathers record for days spent underwater. After spending 31 days at the underwater research laboratory Aquarius, Mr. Cousteau shares with us the tools used, and the lessons learned about sponge science and climate issues.   “Now, […]

EXO Sonde: Materials Science Overview | YSI

Tim Finegan, YSI, covers some of the latest developments in materials science that went into the development of the EXO.

EXO Sonde: Field Survival Guide | YSI

Brandon Smith, YSI, shares with you a few of the essential items you should consider including in your own “Field Survival Kit”. Field Survival Kit PDF: (  

EXO Sonde: Optical Dissolved Oxygen Sensor Cap Replacement | YSI

Patrick Beatty, YSI, shows you the simple process required for replacing your optical DO sensor cap, along with how to add the calibration coefficients in KOR software.

EXO Product Spotlight: Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery Pack | YSI

Tim Finegan, YSI, shows you the contents of the new rechargeable Li-Ion battery pack for the EXO Handheld for the EXO water quality sondes, as well as some tips for getting the most out of the pack. Firmware updates at: (

EXO Sondes: How often should I calibrate my sonde? | YSI

Tim Finegan, YSI, answers the most common question he has heard in his 13 years at YSI: “How often should I calibrate my sonde?” Water quality sondes provide valuable data and this data is only as good as the calibration.  

EXO Sondes: Replacing the Sensor Module, pH and pH/ORP | YSI

Brandon Smith, YSI, demonstrates the step-by-step process for successfully replacing the sensor module on a pH and pH/ORP probe for the EXO water quality sonde products.  

EXO Sondes: What’s in the Box When it Arrives? | YSI

In this unboxing video, Tim Finegan, YSI, shows you exactly what ships with every order of an EXO water quality monitoring sonde.  

EXO Sondes: Changing Batteries and Battery Tips | YSI

Brandon Smith, YSI, demonstrates how to properly change the batteries in your EXO1 and EXO2 water quality sonde. Additionally, he shares a few simple tips on the best types of batteries to use.