Webinar | Fighting Fouling – 7 Tips to Extend Sonde Deployments

Learn the steps you can take to prevent Mother Nature from creating havoc with your data quality, and discover what new technology is available with the EXO Sonde Platform that will extend sonde deployments longer than ever before.

Webinar | Continuous Monitoring to Migitate TMDL Trauma

Learn how Greenville County is using continuous water quality data to better identify sources of nutrients and significantly reduce TMDL implementation costs that were estimated to potentially exceed over $65 million in construction costs alone.

[Webinar] Safeguarding Source Water: How Online Monitoring of Algae Leads to Data-Driven Decisions

On July 28th at 2:00pm EDT, join Dr. Arash Zamyadi of the University of New South Wales, Australia as he discusses his most recent work deploying optical sensing technology to monitor for harmful algae blooms (HAB’s) in raw water.

Best Practices for QA/QC for EXO Conductivity/Temperature sensors.

Below are a few checks you may want to include these in your organization’s standard operating procedures to ensure the highest data quality. While these steps focus on a conductivity/temperature probe, there are also many other sensor checks that can be used as part of a QA/QC process. We’ll make EXO University (www.EXO-University.com) available for […]

EXO University | On-demand Training

Join our on-demand Sonde training program and become a certified EXO user.

Visit www.exo-university.com to start learning!

Webinar: Expert Tips for Continuous Water Quality Monitoring – Featuring Dustin Shull, Pennsylvania DEP

Original Broadcast: September 30th, 2014 —1 PM CST (2 PM EST) Information is power… to better manage our water resources. On September 30th, join our group of water quality monitoring experts as they share strategies for turning continuous data from your unattended monitoring stations into water quality insight. Join our featured speaker Dustin Shull as […]

EXO Preventive Service Plans

Our preventive maintenance services can keep your equipment in top shape year after year, providing you with peace of mind. And our experts can train your team to expertly use the EXO platform in even the most extreme conditions.

e-Presentation: How to Extend Your Sonde’s Deployment Times with EXO

In this e-presentation, discover practices and products that will help you reduce the cost of field data collection by extending deployments, collect higher quality data by combating biofouling, and avoid system failures or downtime.

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Register for EXO’s Factory Training Class

EXO training and KOR software training For EXO customers, included in the purchase of EXO equipment from YSI is access to an information-packed, hands-on training session at the YSI factory. At the Yellow Springs, Ohio, factory, our experts train experienced and novice users alike to get the most out of the EXO instruments. Attendees will […]