The Endangered Pupfish – Water Quality Monitoring and EXO.

The Devils Hole Pupfish, one of the first listed species to the Endangered Species Preservation Act in 1967, reached an all-time low of 35 observable fish in the spring of 2013. Increased preservation efforts aim to turn this trend around, supported by the EXO Water Quality Monitoring platform.

[eBook] Global Explorers: Navigating Climate Data

No single topic touches as many aspects of the YSI business as climate science. In this eBook we celebrate the people behind the instruments, who are collecting the streams of data, that provide us with a snapshot of the health of our planet.

Check Out YSI’s Latest eBook: The EVOLUTION of Water Quality Monitoring

YSI recently released a new eBook that document the ever changing story of water quality monitoring and how we fit into the world of environmental stewardship.

UNSW uses on-line monitoring of cyanobacteria in source water treatment.

Members of the University of New South Wales (UNSW) bioMASS Lab, under the auspices of the Australian Research Council (ARC), have recently started executing the “Linkage Project” – a coordinated effort to better monitor cyanobacteria in important local watersheds.  On-line information gathered from this project will be used to predict coagulant doses and powdered activated […]

EXO’s Superior Durability – Alaskan flood waters fail to put a dent in the EXO platform.

The Crooked Creek Watershed, located north of Fairbanks, runs through some 300 square miles of Alaska’s central interior. In the past, this area was a hotbed for placer gold mining, but modernity has changed the landscape into a collection of humble creeks, sleepy rural communities, and some small scale mining operations. Crooked Creek Watershed is […]

Application Story: EXO2 Monitors Climate and Water Quality Dynamics in Agro-Ecosystems

In eastern Iowa, agriculture is the predominant land use, with upwards of 90% of the land surface dedicated to production. Multiple ongoing studies at the University of Iowa are focused on the interaction of the agricultural system with climate dynamics to produce both water quality and quantity responses.

A Site for Science: Water Instrumentation Provides Insight for Ecological Research

Multiple scientific studies have been conducted on the water, organisms and food webs in Calder Lake over the past 50 years. Calder Lake, a natural 10-acre mesotrophic lake, is located on the property of the Louis Calder Center, a biological field station of Fordham University in New York. To further its research, the Louis Calder […]

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Nitrate, Ammonium and Chloride Sensors for Freshwater Measurements

YSI has released nitrate, ammonium and chloride sensors for the EXO advanced water monitoring platform. The guarded sensors are well-suited for freshwater applications down to 17 meters. Possible uses include spot checks and sampling in streams, rivers, lakes, ponds and ground water. The sensors can also be used in short-term continuous monitoring applications. Nitrate forms […]

Partnership Develops System to Optimize Drinking Water Networks

Xylem Inc. and Visenti Pte Ltd. have formed a joint partnership to optimize water networks by using energy-efficient technology and smart sensing platforms. These technologies will reduce energy consumption, maximize water quality and ensure optimal network conditions around Singapore’s drinking water infrastructure. The rapid growth in cities around the world creates significant challenges to water […]