Town of Barnesville, Ohio leverages EXO communication adapter and Storm 3 data logger to monitor drinking water quality.

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Recently, YSI’ers Kyle Kaminski and Brent Register visited the Town of Barnesville, Ohio to assist them at their drinking water treatment plant.

Inside the plant, Barnesville employees have an EXO2 sonde installed and equipped with a flow cell. As seen below, water is fed to the flow cell and sensors via a tube connected to their raw water line. This allows for the sonde to continuously monitor the quality of the raw water and take regular samples.

The sonde monitors for a number of parameters including; blue-green algae, chlorophyll, pH, conductivity, and DO.


Pictured: YSI employee Brent Register wiring up a drinking water monitoring system inside of the Town of Barnesville drinking water plant. Includes an EXO2 sonde, Storm 3 data logger, and an EXO communication adapter.


Traditionally, the EXO2 sonde stores the raw water data in its own internal data logger. However, the forward-thinking managers at the Barnesville plant decided on a more robust monitoring system.  As pictured above, next to the EXO2 sonde is a mounted NEMA enclosure which contains a number of important additions.

The sonde is first wired to one of our EXO Communication Adapters via an EXO Flying Lead Cable. This allows for the stream of data being acquired by the Sonde to be shared and transferred to the external Storm 3 data logger. This particular configuration is one of our easiest to deploy. The Storm 3 data logger, in this case, is not fitted with an optional modem. Rather, the Barnesville plant is using the WiFi capability of the Storm 3 to connect to the system and view their real-time data.

Since any WiFi device can connect to the Storm 3, provided that it is in range, the plant managers can have on-demand insight into the quality of their raw water without having to physically connect to the sonde. Think of it like connecting to the WiFi in your local Starbucks – it’s that simple after all the equipment is installed.

Ultimately, remote monitoring of real-time water quality data is a significant time saver for plant managers. This allow for more time to be spent analyzing critical data and focusing on decision making – rather than having to invest effort into regularly sending down a technician to retrieve the data manually.


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