[Webinar] Safeguarding Source Water: How Online Monitoring of Algae Leads to Data-Driven Decisions

View a recording of the live event on YouTube!

In this webinar Dr. Arash Zamyadi of the University of New South Wales, Australia   discusses his most recent work deploying optical sensing technology to monitor for harmful algae blooms (HAB’s) in raw water.

Dr. Arash shares his wealth of experience using this real-time data to help drive water treatment decisions and his research over the past several years can make a difference at your facility.

In addition, Kevin Simpson, of YSI’s Integrated Systems and Services Division illustrates how YSI monitoring systems can be used for early-warning detection of HAB’s in drinking water reservoirs.

Moreover, he explores how you can gain peace of mind, while improving operational efficiency, and maximize the effectiveness of your capital infrastructure.

Free, 1-Hour Webinar Highlights:

  • 7 facts about the state of source water
  • Real-world implications of harmful algae events
  • Managing public health risks with a rapid, on-line tool
  • Early detection and warnings for algae events
  • How can optical sensing data direct treatment dosing?
  • Is your infrastructure making a difference in water quality?
  • 3 expert tips for reservoir monitoring

View a recording of the live event on YouTube!


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