Fabien Cousteau TED Talk. 31 days of underwater adventure & science with the EXO Sonde.

In this delightful and informative TED Talk, Fabien Cousteau, grandson of the world-famous Jacques Cousteau, speaks on breaking his fathers record for days spent underwater.

After spending 31 days at the underwater research laboratory Aquarius, Mr. Cousteau shares with us the tools used, and the lessons learned about sponge science and climate issues.


“Now, this wasn’t just about adventure, there was a serious
note to it…we did a lot of science. And again, because of the luxury of time,
we were able to do 3 years of science in 31 days…

We used all sorts of cutting
edge tools, such as the this [EXO2] Sonde, or what I like to call the ‘sponge
proctologist’. Whereby the Sonde itself tests for metabolism rates in what, in
this particular case, is a barrel sponge – or the redwoods of the [ocean]. And
this gives us a much better gauge of what’s happening underwater with regard to
climate change related issues, and how the dynamics of that affect us here on

Fabien Cousteau, on living 31 days underwater aboard the Aquarius,
an underwater research laboratory nine miles off the coast of Florida.

Watch the TED Talk here.

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