Coral Reef Sponge Science – A Cure for What Ails You?

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Already the source of components for two cancer drugs, sponges are one of our best chances to find the cure for cancer, heart disease and other human ailments. And they filter all the water flowing over a coral reef every couple of days.

Armed with an EXO2 water quality sonde—equipped with dissolved oxygen, salinity, pH, turbidity, algae and fDOM sensors (among others)—the University of Delaware in conjunction with NASA are working to measure the metabolism of the barrel sponge and understand this critically important organism.

More information about EXO as an oceanographic research tool:

The University of Delaware team, led by Art Trembanis, collected high temporal and spatial resolution water quality data with an EXO instrument that easily connected to a DeepWorker submersible. In addition to water quality mapping along the flight paths of the DeepWorker submersibles, the team also used the EXO to collect water quality near giant sponges to see what impact the sponges have on localized water quality.

The EXO2 sonde is the only instrument on the market with such a large sensor payload capacity in a small package that works autonomously without any external power or cables.

Despite the long length of the flights and the high sampling rate, the EXO2 far exceeded battery life expectations for this mission.

Find out more at One World One Ocean.

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