EXO and Storm3: Real time public data made easy.

A demonstration with several water quality vendors was initiated this week. The powerful combination of the EXO platform and Waterlog Storm 3 data-logger have been deployed in unison at various sites around Georgetown, South Carolina.

EXO2 Water Quality Sonde

Storm 3

Live Data via Storm Central


The auto-detection of the EXO sonde with the Storm 3 data-logger made it a breeze to get real time data onto a public website. You can view the live streaming data right now on this Storm Central Public Portal. Simply click the blue droplet icon to see specific parameters.


Tim Finegan on-site installing the EXO Sonde. Photo Credit: Casandra West, Ph.D.

Viewing the lighthouse from the docks. Photo Credit: Casandra West, Ph.D.

Keeping a watchful eye on the local water quality.










At the lighthouse site data is set to log every 15 minutes internally, and at the marina site real-time data is transmitted every 15 minutes.

The installation process was very similar to the one demonstrated in our recent webinar:
A Simple Guide to Collecting Water Quality Data: EXO2 Sonde & Storm 3 Data Logger

Tim Finegan, Product Manager at YSI, who oversaw the installation process had this to say, ¬†“It is a very dynamic site influenced by large tidal influences. Note the large salinity changes in blue. We have already seen large algae events containing a lot of cyanobacteria.”

Water Quality Data from the new Georgetown, SC site.











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