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Are You Ready to Make the Switch to EXO?

If you need your water quality equipment to work overtime, all the time, then consider making the switch to EXO. In this video you will hear what others are saying about the new EXO advanced water quality monitoring platform. EXO provides 90+ days of continuous monitoring, time-saving calibration processes, auto-recognition of sensors, industry-leading anti-fouling components, […]

Register for EXO’s Factory Training Class

EXO training and KOR software training For EXO customers, included in the purchase of EXO equipment from YSI is access to an information-packed, hands-on training session at the YSI factory. At the Yellow Springs, Ohio, factory, our experts train experienced and novice users alike to get the most out of the EXO instruments. Attendees will […]

Effective 6-Month Deployment in Marine Waters

The EXO2 water quality sonde was deployed alongside an Aanderaa Seaguard instrument under the cold saltwater of the Koljoe Fjord in Sweden. Water temperatures from October to May ranged from 0 to 12ºC (32 to 54ºF). The EXO2 sonde recorded data every hour for 180 days, and was equipped with the following sensors: optical dissolved oxygen, […]

EXO Extended Range Turbidity Sensor

For those measuring turbidity for storm water, construction run-off, flood events, TMDLs or other water quality concerns, YSI offers the EXO submersible field sensor to make accurate and extended range (0-4000 FNU) turbidity measurements in marine and fresh waters for water quality sampling and monitoring. What Is Turbidity? Turbidity is the indirect measurement of the suspended solid […]