Replaceable Reagent Module Reduces Total Cost of Ownership of EXO Sensors

EXO pH, pH/ORP, ammonium, nitrate and chloride sensors have a unique design that incorporates a user-replaceable sensor tip (module) and a reusable sensor base that houses the processing electronics, memory, and wet-mate connector. This allows users to reduce the costs associated with these sensors by only replacing the relatively inexpensive module periodically and not the more costly base.

For example, let’s examine the purchase of an EXO pH sensor. Over the next five years, you may need to buy two more reagent modules when the reagent is exhausted. (Depending on use, the reagents can last 12-18 months.) Compare this to the cost of purchasing and then replacing the entire sensor two times over five years, as is the case with other models and manufacturers. Your total cost savings over 5 years is approximately 500 dollars.

EXO part numbers for replaceable sensor modules: #599795, 599797, 599743-01, 599744-01, 599745-01.

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