Reduce the Number of Field Service Trips with Improved Biofouling Protection

For most users, field servicing of water quality sensors is a significant part of their monitoring budgets. And a reduction in the number of field servicing trips can have a huge cost savings.

YSI has been testing the EXO sondes at some pretty fouling intensive sites over the past 12 months. One of the goals of this testing was to see how long the EXO2 sonde could stay deployed and read accurately when compared to a YSI 6600V2-4 sonde that is deployed alongside.

What we have learned from test sites in productive, estuarine waters in South Carolina and south Florida is that in the most severe sites the EXO sonde will easily allow you to double your deployment times. Furthermore, at less intense sites, the EXO sonde will allow you to triple and even quadruple your deployment times!

For example, at the South Carolina site, the EXO2 sonde and the 6600 sonde were connected to a data logger that transmitted real-time data back to our office. At week 11 of a long-term deployment, we observed that the EXO2 sonde was performing well while, on the other hand, the salinity data from the 6600 was experiencing fouling drift starting around week 9. (See image above right.)

Biofouling is now the key factor in determining the length of time a water quality instrument can stay deployed. With new anti-fouling features of the EXO2–including a large, central wiper and a copper screen for conductivity cells–the sonde can remain deployed for longer periods of time, reducing the number of service trips you’ll need to make to the field site.

Real-time reporting of these data from the South Carolina site allowed us to remotely monitor the performance of both instruments and make our servicing decision based on data quality, not a pre-set interval such as every two weeks.

The addition of real-time data monitoring can provide added peace of mind. You can check and verify critical system functions such as sensor drift, battery voltage and the performance of the solar panel and solar regulator to avoid data loss. (Additional data monitoring benefits are covered in this Water Quality Data Collection Made Easy web presentation.)

10 Tips to Prevent Biofouling

Please contact us to discuss additional and specific ways that the EXO water quality monitoring platform and real-time data management can help your monitoring program.

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