Streamlined Calibration Process Saves Time and Money

How can I streamline my sensor calibration process with the EXO platform?

Calibration of water quality sensors is easier with both the EXO hardware and its KOR software program.

Hardware-wise, the EXO sensors are “smart” sensors. By this we mean that sensor diagnostics, metadata and calibration data are stored inside the sensors rather than the sonde. The sensor carries its unique data around with it, independent of the sonde. So these “smart” sensors, along with “smart” ports on the sonde (universal ports that any EXO sensor can be plugged into and automatically recognized), allow the user to calibrate sensors in one sonde in the lab and then transfer the sensors to other sondes in the field.

You can even plug in the same type of sensor, such as six dissolved oxygen sensors, and calibrate them successively in the same solution, and then transfer them to the field. This feature really saves the user both time and money due to reduced reagent and labor costs.

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On the software side, KOR software has a simple graphical interface and clickable menu system. Its guided prompts not only speed up the calibration process, but also reduce the opportunity for errors.

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We responded to user feedback and enhanced the day-to-day operation of the instruments. Improving the calibration stage gets the user to the deployment stage more quickly and aids in the collection of better water quality data.

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